WesMadLibs: #_____isWhy

Welcome to WesMadLibs! The fill-in-the-blank game that will finish your sentences faster than that guy in your Philosophy class! Just fill out the blanks here, and check below to see how your story ends up!

  1. adjective to describe Roth
  2. white boy Proper noun
  3. last flavor you vaped/secondhand vaped
  4. Summies menu item you last ate alone
  5. favorite gender-neutral bathroom
  6. uncomfortable adjective to say aloud
  7. least favorite form of privilege (you can only choose one)
  8. theme of last party you went to
  9. public place where you have cried
  10. overrated musical instrument
  11. favorite Doc Martens color
  12. street drug
  13. last class you took
  14. favorite freshman dorm
  15. objective best Polar seltzer flavor
  16. different white boy Proper noun
  17. song than an acapella group ruined for you
  18. stick and poke inspiration
  19. building that doesn’t fit in with rest of campus
  20. favorite part of Olin
  21. least favorite freshman dorm
  22. last person you hooked up with
  23. last movie a boy said you HAD to watch
  24. band you just don’t “get”
  25. reason you last went to Davison



I was on my way to my 1._____ (adjective to describe Roth) theory class when all of a sudden, my friend 2.___ (white boy Proper noun) came running towards me, a 3.____ (last flavor you vaped/secondhand vaped) Polar bottle in hand.

“Dude, I really need your help. I ate too much 4._____ (Summies menu item you last ate alone) last night and I spent 3 hours in 5.____ (favorite gender-neutral bathroom) when I should have been writing my paper on 6.____ (uncomfortable adjective to say aloud) dynamics of 7.____ (least favorite privilege) 8._____ (theme of last party you went to). Can you cover my shift at 9. ____ (public place you have cried) so I have time to finish it?”

“Sure,” I replied. But in return can you lend me your 10.____ (overrated musical instrument) for my rehearsal with 11.____ (favorite doc martins color) 12._____ (street drug)? We have a concert this Friday at 13.____ (last class you took) House.”

“Totally,” he said. “Just go up to my room in 14.___ (favorite freshman dorm) and my roommate will let you in.”

So I walked down to Foss and smelled the sweet aroma of 15.____ (discontinued soda) vapor in the air. 16.____ (different white boy Proper noun) was playing 17.____ (song that an acapella group ruined for you) on his acoustic guitar. I looked up and saw the constellation of 18. _____(stick and poke inspiration) over 19. ______ (building that doesn’t fit in with the rest of campus). Lost in thought, I realized I was late for my class! Thankfully, I remembered the Powerpoint is online, so I went to 20.____ (favorite part of Olin) and took a three-hour nap. I awoke to the sound of 21.____ (least favorite freshman dorm) freshmen talking loudly about WesWorn. I glanced at my SmartWatch — it was almost time for my practice!

I rushed over to the dorm and knocked on the door. His roommate, 22._____ (last person you hooked up with) opened the door.

“Hey, I’m about to smoke a spliff do you want some?” Their room was covered in 23.____ (last movie a boy said you HAD to watch) posters, and a stack of 24._____ (band you just don’t “get”) records with no record player. Their laundry was on the bed.

“Sorry, I’m late for band practice.” They looked down at their bag of American Spirit in disappointment. “Another time.”

I made it to the basement of Usdan just in time to start our original song, 25.____ (reason you last went to Davison). It had been a wild day, but it just feels good to jam. 🙂