Cute Boy Short Underwear That Say ‘I’m Down to Peg’

LOS ANGELES, CA ā€” Liberal arts colleges around the nation have been the forefront of challenging gender norms. Men can wear nail polish, women can gaslight, anything is possible in the year 2018, except maybe your professor respecting your they/them pronouns.

Men, especially, are opening up to previously taboo forms of sexual pleasure, and women are once again pushing the envelope of feminine presentation. How do you celebrate your newfound gender fluidity? By commercializing it, of course. These three “boy short” underwear sets will send the message that you’re not afraid to look “masculine,” and also that you know your way around a strap-on.


Calvin Klein

These classic Calvins are the trendiest iteration of the “boy short” look. They’re more expensive than most underwear, which will let your partner know that you probably own a dildo on the nicer end of the spectrum.


The Seamless Nude

Nothing puts your lover in the mood for artificial dick like making your vagina disappear entirely. When you get rid of the alternative, he’ll be bending over in no time.


The Feminine Side

Just because you’re about to destroy a man’s anus doesn’t mean you can’t look cute doing it. Ribbons and lace are entirely welcome in your pegging experience, just be sure to keep them clean!

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